Singing Lessons
Come In All Shapes And Colors

The Singing Lesson Expert doesn't believe in one size fits all singing lessons. Every student is completely unique. They can vary in so many ways: by gender, by voice register (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, and even subsets of those), by tone color, by musical tastes ( what styles of music they enjoy singing), by range within their registers, by their dreams (become a professional, impress friends at the Karaoke club, get in the school musical, become a better car or shower singer, just have fun, or whatever reason brought you here).

Singing Lessons with Singing Lesson Expert are great!You'll get to work together with the Singing Lesson Expert to decide exactly what you want out of lessons. You'll have so many choices of the elements to include in your lessons, like what songs to choose and why, how to use a microphone, recording techniques, optimizing your breathing, developing great phrasing, using your body, eyes and expressions to interpret the songs you sing, learning about how a healthy body creates a healthier voice, and of course the meat and to create a great tone!

Best of all, no matter where you are in the journey of developing your voice, you're not limited to just one choice. We don't force you to concentrate on only one element at a time as if you were taking a college course in that one discipline. As you're ready to add pieces along your path to becoming an excellent singer, you'll be folding in to your lessons the components that are necessary to take you to each new step along the way. Your great, good fortune is that your teacher and vocal coach, the Singing Lesson Expert, doesn't just know about all these steps, she's done them all! We can't overemphasize how important that is to your vocal development.

Check out the menu below to find out all the different kinds of lessons we have as well as the different subject matter.

  • Private Voice Lessons
    Aspiring singers who want the ultimate in one-on-one, personal and private voice lessons can get everything they need from the Singing Lesson Expert
  • Performance Coaching
    Learn the T'ai Chi of performance movement by focusing on the Performance Coaching segment of the Singing Lesson Expert
  • Voice Workshops
    A Voice Workshop with the Singing Lesson Expert will be the best half day learning about singing you have ever spent. Your voice will thank you for it.
  • Group Voice Lessons
    Group Voice Lessons give singers the best mix of some personal instruction, seeing how others are progressing, and experiencing a community of singers
  • Artist Development
    If your highest desire is to be a recording artist, the Singing Lesson Expert is not only a master teacher, but is herself a recording artist and can show you each step along the way
  • Song Repetoire
    When you know how to select the best song for your voice, you rise above all the other singers. Make your Song Selection count as you build your song repetoire with the Singing Lesson Expert

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Rebeca Randle, vocalist

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