Group Voice Lessons

If money is a little tight, or if one on one with a master teacher seems a little too intense, or if you just love the idea of singing in a community setting, group voice lessons could be the perfect solution for you. As a result of sharing the cost of the teacher's time with other students, the rate you pay can be much lower. And while it's impossible to get the same level of personal attention that you get from a private voice lesson, the Singing Lesson Expert makes certain that each student within the group voice lesson gets a small chunk of personal attention. You have the added benefit of observing how the other students are implementing the instruction and you can actually learn something from both their successes and their challenges.

Singing Lesson Expert Group Voice LessonBecause of the group format, the group voice lessons are always an hour lesson. In that time each week you will learn the fundamental elements of voice physiology, how to make a great tone, and how to translate that tone into actually singing a song. You see tone is one thing, but singing different melodic phrases with different word sounds makes each song you attempt to sing completely unique. So in the group setting, you will get to focus on your own song choices and regularly get to perform, if you choose, in front of the group with tracks over a sound system. It is a definite benefit to observe the other group students and how they implement what they've learned and what style elements they use in their performance. I guarantee you that members of competitions like American Idol, the X-Factor, and the Voice, learn a lot from watching their co-competitors and listening to the constructive criticism and guidance from the judges. Much of that information can always be applied to your own performance. In fact, if you watch those shows, see if any of the things the judges say apply to your own performances.

The benefits of performing in front of the group are so valuable, that students who are taking private voice lessons may want to spend the additional money to experience this opportunity. The Singing Lesson Expert is constantly there in a non-threatening way, assisting the students in learning the material, growing their voices, and delivering memorable performances.

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New Group Voice Lesson Class

Monday, May 7th   7:00 PM
90 Minutes      $30 per person

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