Rebeca Randle, singing lesson expert

Rebeca Randle has proven that with a combination of physical gifts, study, and hard work, dreams can come true. Rebeca has made her life's work revolve around working with the human voice. As a professional performer and entertainer, she currently composes and performs with her husband, David Randle as Rebeca and David. Rebeca has had a varied and successful career, doing everything from recording publishing demos for
A & M Records and Warner Bros., among many, recording for TV and film, with numerous commercial projects for TV and radio as a SAG AFTRA actress, all the while performing up and down the state of California for her personal recording career which included seven releases, several of which delivered International radio airplay, performances at the Temecula Hot Air Balloon Festival with the Mamas & Papas, street fair performances with Switchfoot and a host of others, as well as lending her amazing voice to southern California churches every Sunday for 20 years.


She has made it a point to become incredibly well-schooled in the human physiology of the voice, having studied with Martin Grusin, one of the only teachers around who has participated in studies where a scope (miniature camera) has actually been put down the throat to see how the vocal chords, muscles, and ligaments truly function instead of relying on total conjecture. Rebeca also understands all the nuances of breathing, vocal support, the famous "bounce" technique that she teaches, as well as the elements of proper placement and control.

It is an undeniable fact that unique to performance on the voice compared to any other instrument, "you" are your own instrument. As a result, Rebeca has done an enormous amount of study surrounding what is healthy and especially unhealthy for the body. Nutrition is a fairly obvious topic for a singer to become well versed in, but it is just as important to understand about products we use and objects in our environments that may cause toxic reactions and therefore inhibit lung function and health of the resonant nasal cavities where important aspects of tone are developed.

Rebeca has trained all types of singers, from beginners to singers who have won San Diego Music Awards. She helps professionals master their craft, yet knows how to help singing enthusiasts get the most out of their voice, from becoming a great shower singer to singing in a choir to stealing the show on Karaoke night. If you want to sing, you may as well study with the best, the Singing Lesson Expert, Rebeca Randle.

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Rebeca Randle, vocalist

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