Voice Workshops

 From time to time as demand allows, the Singing Lesson Expert holds half-day and all day voice workshops. These workshops provide intense immersion in the elements the voice student needs to work on at their current stage of development. In order to create workshops that help the voice student to receive the maximum benefit, we do everything in our power to qualify the participants by level. In other words, you can imagine it would be disasterous to place beginners with advanced students; both might feel frustrated at the pace of the material. So we tend to organize these workshops bSinging Lessons in a Voice Workshopy beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

These workshops might be called things like, "Discover Your Own Voice," "Singing For Car and Shower Singers," "Fun With Harmony," "A Focus on Microphone Technique,"  or "A Performers Masterclass." We are even projecting a Singer/Songwriters workshop where we cover elements of songwriting,original interpretation, and developing a unique style.

The workshops will contain much of the curriculum discussed elsewhere on this website. There will be opportunities to train your voice and perform for the group. We may practice American Idol style competitions so that if you ever audition for singing style reality shows, you'll be more prepared. We will record the workshops and give you a copy of the DVD so that your learning will be continuous.

We are constantly adding to our list of proposed workshops, so if you have an area of need, let us know and there may be a workshop created around it. Things like Being Comfortable in the Recording Studio, Tips for Performing on TV, How to Interview a Manager, and any other things our students might need to know more about.

For more information about Voice Workshops, please call(760) 652-5823 and let us know what you're interested in and we'll let you know when your workshop is coming up

(760) 652-5823 

Rebeca Randle, vocalist

  Singing From Your Soul Workshop