If you're looking to take singing lessons in San Diego, you are going to want to study with the Singing Lesson Expert, Rebeca Randle. Listen to what students have to say about Rebeca and her teaching methods. This portion of the site is still in development and as the many testimonials come rolling in from current and former students, associates in the teaching profession, and simple fans who love Rebeca's mighty performance skills, we will include them here.


I was always nervous to sing in front of others, although I loved singing very much!
Rebeca created a safe environment for me to discover my own voice
and I found my vocal power. It has helped me in so many areas of my life
including speaking up in relationships and in business.

She also assisted me in writing a keepsake song for my daughter that
is still treasured today.
Alison Maslan, Best selling author
Blast Off Life Coaching and Speaking 


Many people think singing is a natural talent - if you have a good voice, you can sing. But real singers know better. If anyone knows what it takes to have a healthy voice, it's Rebeca Randle.

I came to Rebeca after being coached by a former Broadway performer who taught me that a big voice was a good voice. Sure I thought singing was fun during my lessons, but what I didn't know was that belting out a song was actually ruining my voice rather than enhancing it. Rebeca taught me that the voice is an instrument. Your chords are a muscle that needs to be exercised and trained. Your personal sound may be natural talent, but the rest is pure skill. No one picks up a guitar and is a musician. They have to learn the chords, the way to move their fingers, and how to keep the tempo. Same goes for voice.

Rebeca offers a 360 degree approach to vocal training. Though there's no strict curriculum, when you study with Rebeca, you learn it all; how to breathe, how to talk, how to stand, and move, and hold the mic. You learn dedication, because when you look at her you see a professional - someone who knows everything there is to know about singing and someone who has been doing it her whole life. I've faced a lot of trouble in my singing career, mostly from my prior improper training and practice. I can honestly say that Rebeca saved my voice. I trained with her for 5 years and my voice was the strongest and healthiest it has ever been. It's not always about volume or sounding big, because a truly strong voice is a well trained voice. No one knows that better than Rebeca.

Training with Rebeca is a challenge, but one that offers great rewards. She will give you vocal exercises, chords to play and songs to sing, but most important, she’ll teach you what it means to be a singer, what it takes to live like a singer, and of course, how to sound like a singer. For a coach, a mentor, and the greatest voice you’ll ever have, sign up with Rebeca Randle. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.
Perri Temko
San Francisco



Ever since I was young I wanted to learn how to sing. I never had a good voice and was even teased about it, which meant I shied away and would only let it come out if I was in the shower or by myself in the car. One day I overheard a coworker of mine talking about singing lessons he was taking from this awesome teacher who lived close by named Rebeca Randle and said I should try her. I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous about her hearing me screech, and excited that perhaps she could really teach me to sing better. My first lesson with her was the start of an amazing growth experience and friendship. She really, REALLY knows her stuff and was able to help me hone my voice and really understand not only how it works, but how to train it, how to practice, how to listen for things, and how to breathe. Her passion for singing and her skill as a teacher got me to the point where I can record my own music and share it with people with complete confidence. I never would have been able to do that before! I can't recommend her highly enough, and I couldn't imagine getting instruction from anyone else. She will tailor make your lessons and practice assignments just for you. DO IT! You won't regret it!
Ryan Stubberfield
Carlsbad, CA


My work with Rebeca Randle gave me the skill and confidence to sing with a band in my favorite genre. If you want solid fundamentals and appreciate a no-nonsense approach to the work, teaching & feedback, Rebeca Randle is the right voice coach for you. Her coaching is thorough, direct and reasonably priced. No matter how much or how little training you've received in the past, you will benefit from working with her.
Bianca Lara 


I’ve been a performer, composer, producer, and educator my entire life, and there are two important things to say about Rebeca. Number 1: she is the best singer I have ever worked with and it is not by accident. She works really hard at her craft and yet makes something she has worked so hard at seem almost effortless. Number 2: I’ve been teaching many aspects of music for a long time and have been surrounded by many good voice teachers, but Rebeca is by far the most skilled I’ve ever seen. Not just because she knows so much and can lead her students on a magical journey, but because she listens so well to what her students want and then helps them achieve it. She is insightful, intuitive, and a superb communicator. After eight years of watching her help students get what they want, I believe everyone would be lucky to have an opportunity to study with Rebeca.
David Randle
David Randle Productions 


Rebeca is a fantastic vocal coach. She is fun, energetic and well-deserving of the title "Singing Lesson Expert". I have learned more about singing from her than all of my past teachers combined. Rebeca teaches you exactly what you need to know about the craft and will take your voice places you never imagined it could go. Simply put, she is the best there is.

Lisa Palmer
San Diego

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