Learn To Sing with Singing Lessons from the Singing Lesson Expert

Come and explore the most magnificent instrument ever created...you! The human voice touches our hearts in a way that no other instrument can. It is, in fact, the foundational basis for the development of music because humans sang before any other instrument took form.

Whether you want to:

sound great singing along with your favorite songs in the car
find your true vocal power and be the next American Idol!
blow the audience away on Karaoke night
sing in your church choir, and even sing solos
or be a better shower singer

Rebeca Randle, the Singing Lesson Expert

Listen to Rebeca sing 

  Now That I Have Found You

  You Mean Everything To Me

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 Singing Lessons Can Give Your Voice
Explosive Improvement

Rebeca will teach you the secret
method all great singers use for an
emotionally impactful performance or
studio recording

 You will learn:

The proper breathing techniques and posture used by today's stars
How to increase your vocal power, range, & resonance
Vocal exercises for proper tonal placement and control
Performance and gesturing techniques that develop a powerful stage presence
The energy and emotion of connected singing
How to sing in any style, including singing with no vibrato
Ear training for improved pitch
The double "E" vocal exercise for rapid results
The famous "bounce" technique for expanding your range
How to develop an amazing vibrato and how it works
Your top and bottom note, total range and your voice's sweet spot
To sing freely in all registers, including hyper octave for women
To understand what muscle memory is
That nasal singing is false placement and will never get you the voice you dream of

The Singing Lesson Expert Is A Master
Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach

 A master voice teacher has a complete knowledge of the human voice, including the musculature, ligaments and cartilage, lung, diaphragm, and intercostal system, larynx, vocal chords, resonant cavities, tongue and soft tissues. Knowing how the total system works, the physiology of the voice, is what gives the master voice teacher the ability to help bring about optimal changes in vocal production.

The Singing Lesson Expert is skilled in all the mechanics of how the voice works, and so much more. As a Vocal Coach she has mastery of the world of performance, including body movement, expressive use of the hands, eliminating distractive movement, eye contact, and using facial expressions that really communicate the essence of the song. This powerful combination of vocal mechanics and performance coaching is what sets the Singing Lesson Expert apart from other singing teachers.


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The Singing Lesson Expert, Rebeca Randle, teaches in North County San Diego and is a master technical voice trainer and performance coach. Rebeca trains everyone from pro’s who tour nationally (she respects their privacy) to car and shower singers! If you are looking for Voice Lessons or Singing Lessons in San Diego, or on Skype or Google Hangouts nationally, you owe it to yourself to study with the very best, the Singing Lesson Expert. Rebeca specializes in private voice lessons, but some group lessons and workshops are also available. If your needs run more to the performance aspect of your craft, Rebeca is an extraordinary performance coach. She can help you with emotions, presentation, interpretation, gesturing and body movements, as well as developing a powerful stage presence. Let the Singing Lesson Expert be your Vocal Coach!

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It's almost like being there!

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Rebeca Randle, vocalist

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